adidas board

Recent years, sports wind is almost very heated. You can easily see the sport wearing from the street shooting of fashion icon. We must talk about the one of leading —-Adidas when people mentioned famous sports brands.

Adidas built in 1949 and is the member firms of Adidas AG. It is named after the founder of Adolf Adi Dassler.

Adidas was originally founded by two brothers. The elder brother was in charge of sales and the younger brother ran research and development. They soon became the richer and were known by many people. However, they broke up when their business was booming in 1936.

Adolf Adi Dassler

Adolf Adi Dassler used himself name to define the firm new name. Rodolfo also created a brand which is named after his own name (soon changed name into Puma). As a result, resentment of the two brands had begun to form.

It is said that those who wore Puma shoes didn’t dare to go to the hale of city occupied by Adidas. Those who wore Adidas shoes would not dare to go to the other half of the city occupied by Puma.

We have discussed the gossip about Adidas, let us go back brand itself story. As a fan of sports shoes, we all know the clover is the most classical sign of brand, it had begun to become a sign of Adidas in 1972. In that age, all Adidas’s products used this sign. The clover shape is like an earth stereoscopic three-dimensional plane to stretch and a world map which symbols three lines spreads to all world. It is the most popular brand of Adidas.

adidas clover

Clover vintage board shoes have been very heated in the fashion area. The logo of classical clover is very popular in shoes and clothes design. Such as the T-shirt, it combines the clover logo and floral and is full of the romantic aura of summer to attract thousands of girls.


Y-3 is a very popular brand of Adidas. Y stands YohjiYamamoto and 3 represents the three lines logo of Adidas.   Remarkable products also contain Adicolor has been doomed to its extraordinary since the birth of Adicolorin 1983. The reason why this is said is that this series really accomplish the combination of art and design and abandon routine and monotonous daily life.


This series inherits 6 colors of fountain pen include hot red, sensible blue, happy blue, natural green, romantic pink and mysterious black. No matter which color you love and theme your head forward. It is important that life should be full of charm.