In our report yesterday,We have clearly stated the details of the sale about  YEEZY Desert Rat 500 “BLUSH”.It can be seen that this kind of news has received direct attention from many fans.



Of course, for the average player, the successful purchase of this YEEZY Desert Rat 500 “BLUSH” is extremely important, along with the large volume of news.
The current information is The US will sell a total of 35,500 pairs YEEZY Desert Rat 500 “BLUSH, compared with 27,500 pairs products in Europe.



In addition, in the domestic regions, each store will maintain 500 pairs sale volume.In terms of the release lineup of 34 stores, the total volume will also reach 17,000 pairs, and this is only the first round sale.Taking into consideration that large area distribution in worldwide,must be have direct influence for the total value.please continue pay attention to us,maybe you bought it.



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